kiddycart & tagalong 

• Tagalongs are a great way to ride with your kids SAFELY.  As they are attached to your bike, they cannot stray too far and also allow the child to take a break and just take in the whole experience.  So they are a gradual introduction to riding with you on an open road.  We use a Giant 7 speed halfwheeler, so they can change gears with you if they want to.

• Kiddycarts are the simplest solution to taking two kids who cannot ride along with you.  They have room for one or two kids plus some room in the back for some other gear.
They attach to the rear axle of a bike, so they can be fitted to most bikes in our fleet. We supply helmets and locks with each kiddycart.

Hire rates

1/2 day*
1 day*
2 days
3 days
4 days
5 days
each extra day (5+)


*1/2 day = 4hrs, 1 day = 24hrs
for bookings phone 02 6680 7066    or e-mail   

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