Bakfiets means 'bike box' in Dutch, and they are really useful things.  We hire them mostly to people with young kids, as you can just pile them in the front
with a few pillows scattered in with them.  They have two wheels at the front, and one at the back with 7 internal gears, so you can tackle most hills around Byron.
The load limit is 100kg in the box, so you can fit up to 3 kids in there plus some gear.  The best news is that when you are riding, you can SEE the kids in front of
you the whole time, so they are inherently safer than tagalongs or kiddycarts.  Helmets and a lock is included in the hire.

Hire rates

1/2 day*
1 day*
2 days
3 days
4 days
5 days
each extra day (5+)


*1/2 day = 4hrs, 1 day = 24hrs
for bookings phone 02 6680 7066    or e-mail   

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