standup paddle board  

There are two versions. 

The long one (11' 6") is best for paddling over open water and long distances. 

The short one (10' 6") is best in the surf catching small waves. 

If you have paddled a kayak, surfed a surfboard and enjoy a REAL workout, then give these a go.  Ideal as a shared hire with someone else as you tire out quickly and
while you are having a break your partner can take over for a while.  Includes paddle.

Hire rates

1/2 day*
1 day*
2 days
3 days
4 days
5 days
each extra day (5+)
*1/2 day = 4hrs, 1 day = 24hrs
for bookings phone 02 6680 7066    or e-mail   
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